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  • Setup:  LIB Tech Travis Rice Magne Traction, or the Trice Banana Hammock
  • Stance:  Goofy
  • Angles:  Front +19, Back -9. Width: 23’ ish
  • Hobbies:  I don’t have time for hobbies!
  • Trick of Choice:  Front three nose
  • Heros:  Socrates
  • Music:  Whatever complements the moment
  • Quote:  I AM.
Jackson, Wyoming's favorite son has come a long way since first strapping in on the steep mountain slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
Mixed into Travis' ‘Rider of the Year' accolades are iconic video parts, X Games medals and even his own video game character. Nearly a decade into the game,
Travis has and continues to progress snowboarding in its entirety. Whether it be continually raising the bar with mind blowing first ever tricks; experimenting with
new board technology; producing and starring in mega-budget snowboarding films; or pioneering next-level contests like the Quiksilver Natural Selection,
Travis settles for nothing short of exceptional. With film credits including the award-winning That's It, That's All and his latest multi-year project, The Art of FLIGHT,
Travis is not only pushing snowboarding's limits, but bringing that progression to the masses.